mas » visiting from me
pendoodles » Email me from my contact form, and i will send you the Yahoo IM addy to add.
anjelle » *hug*
Ann Bass » I highly recommend American Floral Distributors to buy your fresh flowers, I ordered Red Sunflowers for my event on short notice and they arrived on time...
pendoodles » Happy New Year
pendoodles » ~*~ MERRY CHRISTMAS ~*~ & great to hear you're going back to school to persue nursing. We need people/nurses like you!
pendoodles » I'm sorry i've not stopped by earlier to wish you a Happy Holidays. We have been down, depresseed and I had jury duty. Wishing you the best ever Holidays now. }}}HUGS{{{
handsome hunk » i like the color of your template
Andrea » Hugs for you
Friday » Happy Thanksgiving, Melly Girl! *plenty hugs*
Deirdre » And to you sweet Melly!
Friday » *Hump Day Eve hugs*
Friday » Glad you like the layout. It only took me about a year to put it together and fine tune it. LOL
Friday » Hi my darlin' girl! *hugs*
Deirdre » well, how ya been, melly girl? *hugs*
pendoodles » Thanks for the visit Melly.
anjelle » *hugs* delayed, but thanks for the thoughts.
Friday » Sending you love back from the limping but beautiful city of New Orleans. *special hugs for my girl*
anjelle » Well, you can always arrange play-dates for her, I suppose. Never too early to start socializing!
inspired » *hug*
anjelle » Just stopping by to poke you. *poke, poke* hope you're well.
Friday » Came to give you a crooked little smile, darlin' heart and this *HUGS*
anjelle » *hug hug*
Candy » woo!! update!!!
Friday » How are you doing, baby girl? What's happening in your life? You're so quiet. *hugs*
Friday » Lovin' you, Melly Girl!
Friday » Tuesday *hugs*
Friday » Nothing happened, sweetheart except someone reminded me that I had a hand in hurting several bloggers. I just wanted you to know that you are loved and I'm sorry for my part in all that mess. *hugs*
anjelle » She'll grow past it. He still drives me insane. But he slips in some sugar-coated moments. It's worth every headache.
Candy » Lord help us with two rough and tumble boys
Candy » *hugs* darlin....
Friday » you ARE missed!
Deirdre » You haven't been a horrible friend. We all get busy. That's understandable. Thank you, I'm doing great. I hope the same for you. <3
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pendoodles » XXXOOOXXX's
Friday » Happy belated birthday, my love. I've missed you. Were the postcards forwarded to you? I hope so. *HUGS*
Candy » I hope you're doing well! *lots of hugs*
Candy » Yes, I hate that new found sense of hyper-smell. Someone within a two mile radius was having sloppy joes and a I thought I was going to lose my lunch over it. ugh.
Deirdre » Just checking in on you. I hope you're doing well.
pendoodles » Happy Mother's Day Melly!
Tammy » Happy Mother's Day, Mel!!
Friday » I left two tags and they didn't show. Love you, girlie girl!
Friday » hugs for you, babydoll!
Candy » lots of *hugs* darlin.....
Candy » Thank you so so so much Melly. I never knew it would be such a mind bender to have to go through this. It just hit me rather hard yesterday. *hugs*
Candy » re: feeling like you shouldn't have read that; are you guys trying for a second one??
Candy » Thank you for all the support I'm so very glad to have it! *hugs*
Tammy » Hope your move went well....
Friday » Did you see my good morning tag to you on my taggie yesterday morning. I was thinking about you! I always know when you come see me, sweetheart. Makes me smile with my heart. *hugs*
Friday » clickie, baby girl.
Friday » clickie, baby girl.
Friday » G'morning angel. Spread those pretty wings and have a wonderful day!
Friday » Yes, my darlin' -- hopefully very soon. My entire family is there and haven't seen them in over three years. Plan on going as soon as I can swing the airfare. *hugs*
pendoodles » Thanks Melly & i'm tired but still alive. More tests tomorrow morning. Hopefully they will resolve the problem & fix it. }}}HUG{{{
honeybee » Hi Melly. thanks. I'm a food addict so I know how hard it can be too. I just want to be healthy more than anything.
Friday » Hi sugar pie! *hugs*
honeybee » Hi! I'm much better after last night. thanks for coming by.
honeybee » Hi! I'm much better after last night. thanks for coming by.
Friday » Slow on Friday is a good thing. It just means you're gearing down to have a good weekend.
Friday » I do love monkies .. I do, I do, I do!
Friday » Happy Friday ... yes I am. OH! And it's Friday too. It's a good day! *hugs*
Friday » THANK YOU for the pictures! OMG. She's a precious little cherub ... an angel in training. And why shouldn't she be? Her mama is an angel. *HUGS*
Deirdre » <3
Friday » I'm so grateful for you, Melly!
Friday » Glad you liked the card and bookmark. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. I only sent out 5 and one was to Mr. Man so really 4. I wouldn't leave you out! *hugs*
Candy » Hi!
Friday » Hi Sugar. Facebook? MySpace? I've thought about it, but I can barely keep up with one. There's always email, you know. Monday hugs!
pendoodles » Have a Hardy Hardboiled Egg Sunday!
honeybee » Thanks. I'm so excited.
Deirdre » Aww. Yay for singing for me!
pendoodles » }}}HUGS{{{
Friday » Happy St. Patrick's Day, my precious four-leaf clover!
Friday » What do you think you're missin', honeybunch? We're all just being crazy!
Natural born klutz » True - If I'm full of grace, then whomever wrote it is full of .. well... lol!!! But I like to think I'm graceful at times. Especially when running full speed.
Friday » I just watched Happy Feet. I wish I had watched it 20 times this weekend. Today I was a big sicko. *hugs* Melly Girl!
Friday » Awww. Don't be sad, my Melly Girl. That poem rarely fits anyone. It only fits me quite by coincidence I think. Actually we're all a little bit of each day. *hugs*
Candy » *hugs and hugs* how's things going? Any better darlin?
Deirdre » Ditto. (:
Friday » I know he's going to be really happy to hear that. Ummm, maybe. LOL
Friday » I thought about it and figured how would anyone tell which one he is. lol. Are you disappointed? I can edit it.
Friday » I think we should leave Daveman in a dress. LMAO What do you think? That would be HILARIOUS!
Friday » OK, angelface. Give me all the names and I'll see what I can do. I wouldn't do it for anyone else. *hugs* erm, except Deirdre, Candy and Anjelle, etc. I wouldn't do it for a stranger. LOL
Friday » Your wish is my command sweetheart. i didn't make a group one for you cause I didn't know who else uou would nclude. Let meknow.
Deirdre » Aww, I'm glad that things aren't too bad for you. I hope if you do move, it's a good thing. *hugs*
Friday » No new House episodes? Is that 'cuz of the writer's strike? You know I adore him so much I'll probably watch the reruns.
Friday » See! I could have sat with Lexie and we would have danced and sung while you slept. Man ... I have to go watch happy feet now .. I'm having withdrawal. lol
Candy » Hallo!! It's a gorgeous day here today! I love days when I can drive with the windows down...
Friday » Must have pig? Please take pig. Love you.
Friday » Yes, yes ... elegant layout. Happy Hump Day, DIL. *humpty hugs*
Deirdre » I like your new layout. It's lovely. (:
Tammy » LOVE the pic!!! Great background! ...simple and lovely!
Friday » Of course! Take what you want, dollface.
Friday » Hi my honey!
Tammy » At this point in time, that second situation was so volatile that we recommended they separate first, then individual counseling, THEN couples counseling. To be honest, don't know if it can be saved.
Deirdre » Hey Melly Girl. Just stopping in to see that cute picture of you and D. (:
Friday » MELLY! You heard from Reesa? How? When? She's getting married? Email me and tell me all about it pleeeeease! It just dawned on me ... your wife is getting married. lol
Friday » Baby girl, you know me. I don't have a judgemental bone in my body. I'm so open-minded it's ridiculous! You sure made me smile today!
Friday » ROFLMAO!!! Yeah you right! It's odd to hear you say that but I LOVE hearing it. You're wild girl! If it's done well, what's not to like, right?
Friday » They can be entertaining depending on the quality of the place. So what you're telling me is you didn't enjoy yourself at all?
Friday » Great idea, honey. I wish I had gotten myself some, now. LOL