Entry: Thinking About Quitting Saturday, July 12, 2008

I've already partially given up, though people don't seem to mind that I'm not around anymore.

Hope everyone is doing well any way.Sad


July 18, 2008   07:14 PM PDT
I don't feel like I have anything to add that hasn't been said. Still, I can't just sit silent and let you think your absence is unnoticed.

Do what you gotta do. Take care of you.

July 14, 2008   03:10 PM PDT
I been down that road too - still battle it every day. DONT DELETE YOUR BLOG please. Even though I fell through the cracks.., obviously I do show up from time to time. :-)

I have a lot on my pea brain and its a wonder I havent lost friends. Hang in there. ((hugs))/
Of course I guess there are issues I dont know anything about, but still if you have to take a break - fine but dont delete your blog because you will want to return at some point. Okay? (more hugs))
July 14, 2008   12:15 PM PDT
Of course you're missed. Seems we're all trying to cope lately. Everything will be fine in time. Unfortunately, time takes time and some of us have a long wait. Have faith. I hope you never believe that you're not cared for and missed, because you are.

Sending you email, babe.

<3 *hugs*
July 12, 2008   11:27 PM PDT
Sometimes, that's just what life calls for. *hugs*

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