Entry: Alas A True Update Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I've been mulling over making a real post for the last week.  So I guess I'll update everyone on what's been going on in my life.

The holiday's were nice.  Everyone already knows I got my camera and vacuum.  I also returned the second camera I got for all the Harry Potter books and a cd of duets with Reba.  I ate lots and loved spending time with family. 

Right before Christmas we lost Lexie's spot at her Daycare.  It was really sad and I cried.  I won't go into too many details.  But let's just say it had to do with money and the director was not very understanding.  We did find another Daycare quickly though that saves us $16/wk, which is huge in the Daycare world.  The new place is great and she likes it a lot too. 

We did have a gap in care and she stayed with Dave's parents.  And boy was that the worst decision in the world that we could have made.  I told Dave it would have been more fair to split time between the grandparents.  But he wasn't budging.  So bascially Lexie was a bear when we got her back.  She was sleeping in and staying up late, totally off of her original routine.  And here almost 2 months later we still aren't quite back on the routine.  There is more to this than what I've said, but if I don't stop it will be all about Dave's mom and I don't want that.

At the beginning of January Dave's cousin in Texas came for a visit.  She has sort of been keeping in touch with one of our friends here in town.  But she stayed with us one night and we went out with her and some other friends.  It was a pretty good time. 

In mid-January Dave was asked to step down from his position as Dairy Manager at a local grocery store.  My cousin was even the assistant manager there.  It was ridiculous and I won't go into how pissed off it made me.  After that happened he started selling Rainbow Vacuums.  And the Rainbow is a wonderful Vacuum and I'm waiting for him to earn me one.  If he sees enough before the end of the month we might get to go on an all expenses paid cruise. 

I'm not fond of the sales position since it's not guaranteed that you get this amount each week.  It's commission based, so if he doesn't sell he doesn't get paid.  Yuck.  He is applying for other things here and there, but he really has he heart set on this restaurant that he and my dad might run back in my hometown.  Tomorrow they will find out if the money backers are willing to give it a go.  I'm hoping if they do they won't turn the place into a coffee shop because my home town really needs a BBQ place.  Plus my dad's BBQ is heaven.

Other than that Dave and I have been going to therapy.  He wants to save our marriage.  Mainly he isn't getting any because I'm not interested for a number of reasons.  So we are working on that among other communication issues and my own anxiety/stress/add issues.  I really like therapy.  It's nice to have someone that can come in and give an unbiased opinion about what is going on.

Valentine's Day was pretty boring.  I had Taco Bueno for dinner.  That was exciting.  I think I did laundry that day too.  We did end up celebrating later on the 22nd.  That was date night, the picture is a couple entries down.  It was a good time all around.  I'm not going to share details because I don't know who all actuallys reads this and I don't want people to judge me for having a good time the way I did.

This last weekend, my parents and Lexie and I went to a wedding.  It was really nice.  That's actually were I took the header picture.  It's not what I intended the picture to be but I think it's still nice.

Any way I love you all and hope everyone is having a good week.  I start vacation on thursday night, I'm so excited.


March 7, 2008   07:59 PM PST
Yes, therapy is a good start...

As you can tell by my latest entry, (3/07/08), it doesn't always turn out so well. Good for you guys that you are trying so hard to make it work!!

That's very commendable!

Have fun on your vacation!!
March 5, 2008   08:20 AM PST
Aww, Melly, I had no idea that things were this way for you. Now I feel terrible for not keeping up with you more.

I hope things are getting better and you're hanging in there.

Please email me if you need someone. I love you bunches.

March 4, 2008   03:42 PM PST
Therapy's a start sugar. Just hang in there.

At least you guys had a date night, and are giving it a shot instead of giving up.


Hope Lexie gets back to being Lexie soon.
March 4, 2008   01:04 PM PST
Wow ... a real update!
Let me say, that I'm glad you had a good time. I wish I had been there. LOL

I hope the baby gets back on schedule. I know how miserable that an be.

Not getting any, huh? Yeah, men seem to have a problem with that. Mr. Man isn't crazy about that either but oh well. At least you're trying. That's very commendable, sweetie.

Love you!

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